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Retirement Plan Advisory

Voorman Investment Counsel 1.png

Voorman Investment Counsel knows first-hand the demanding responsibilities of being a fiduciary associated with a corporate retirement plan. Voorman Investment Counsel provides plan sponsors with the tools and confidence to care for plan participants. The advice Voorman Investment Counsel offers gives clients peace of mind in an increasingly challenging regulatory environment.

Voorman Investment Counsel Will:


  • Accept fiduciary responsibility for your plan as a 3(21) or 3(38) advisor

  • Monitor investment options and present reports to your Investment Committee

  • Recommend changes to the investment line up when applicable

  • Benchmark total plan costs and services and compare them to industry averages for competitiveness

  • Design a customized an investment policy statement for your plan

  • Provide face to face meetings and easily accessible plan specific materials to better prepare your employees for retirement

  • Provide and maintain a fiduciary file for your plan

  • Assist in the request for proposal process for plan service providers

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